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About Us

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Every great journey starts with a single step and conquering of all major hurdles in life starts with self-confidence. When you believe you can do it, half of your task is done. We simply help students to explore their full potential, boost their self-confidence in the best ways we know and help them realize their dreams.  

“SANKALP” is a philosophy that enables us to do that. It is not merely a  word but a constant reminder to believe in ourselves. It is a guiding principle and a way of life for us. A well- tested formula that has worked magic for us over the years. This philosophy can be seen in our work we do everyday —from the way we mentor our students to the way we accept the challenges.

About the Sankalp Group of Institutions The group strongly believes that leadership positions drive growth. Leadership positions serve customers better, attract partners and intellectual capital, and lead to large savings that benefits all stakeholders. This is a great space to write a long text about your company and your services. You can use this space to go into a little more detail about your own company.


At The Sankalp Group of Institutions, this is the spirit that has empowered us greatly in our process of ENSURING A BETTER TOMORROW. To the group, tomorrow does not belong to mere technology or sophisticated software, but to our core strength- our people. The group has always placed people’s welfare before commercial profits in every activity it carries out.

Excellence through Education

Appreciated and admired as a frontrunner in the education scenario, The Sankalp Group of Institutions has become a name synonymous with quality education.
The group strongly believes that world-class education is the stepping-stone to progress. With a long-standing commitment towards quality teaching and learning, the group has nurtured values that go into the making of successful careers. Reiterating excellence in every venture explored, the group stands tall with its undeterred commitment to deliver better. Equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the group has a chain of FOUR Educational institutions that encourage individuals to think, question, explore and apply their well-honed minds to scale newer heights of success. The group believes in imparting education that'll build world citizens of tomorrow

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