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Osmanabad Campus


Dr. Chandrabhanu Sonvane Jr. College has a qualitative educational approach based on various competitive exams. With longer ‘Study hours’, the College aims to improve academic results as well as character, through a balanced curriculum and an all-round education.

The College is affiliated to the Maharashtra Board of Secondary Education for the Secondary as well as the Higher Secondary Examinations. It has, at present, classes XI to XII.

The college aims to promote EXCELLENCE IN EDUCATION in every sense of the term. The college is set at silent area at heart of city Osmanabad.

Its building has been designed with great care, not only to suit the purpose of all-round education, but also to give the students an atmosphere of home – the student's own comfort zone.

Founded in 2019

We planted the sapling of our institute in 2019 looking forward along. Under the guidance of the president Dagadu Chandrarao Suryawanshi Vice- President  Mr.Prof. Sanjeev Chandrabhanu Sonvane, Secretary Vasundhara Sudhakar Munde now the plant grown into a huge tree providing the fruits of number of successful stories of various competitive exams and shadow for thousands of employees.


“We believe in educating youth to be world citizens, devoid of prejudices, and honest to themselves. We challenge them to learn with pleasure and achieve perfection in whatever they do, preparing themselves for a future of their choice as proud Indians”

Founders and Directors

College Staff

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