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Pune Campus


“SANKALP LEEDS TO SUCCESS” The logo of our institute is an indication of the success of the students. Our main aim is to provide each and every facility to gain the targets of our students. Those who are struggling hard to achieve their goals of becoming doctors, engineer and officers in various fields. We ‘The Sankalp familiy’ are always there with you to accomplish your designed targets.

We have dedicated well qualified staff in our institutes. We offer study hour facility to those students who do not join any other classes. Also every day we have doubt solving sessions for college students. We provide technically superior facilities like digital classrooms, virtual communication systems and android application ‘Sankalp’.

Our institute has perfect academic planning which helps students to work smoothly on their targets. We arrange student- teacher – parent meet at the end of every month to analyze academic progress of students. Consistency plays important role in success so we arrange weekly examinations according to standard formats of NEET/CET/JEE.

Founded in 2021

We planted the sapling of our institute in 2021 looking forward along. Under the guidance of the president Mr. Prof. Sanjeev Chandrabhanu Sonvane. Now the plant has grown in to a huge tree providing the fruits of number of successful stories of various competitive exams and shadow for thousands of employees.


Our motto is to provide students the best NEET, JEE, MHT-CET based Quality Education in XI and XII. To develop Dr.Chandrabhanu Sonvane College into the best class Institute for competitive exams like NEET, JEE & MHT-CET etc. with a high standard of academic excellence.

Founders and Directors

College Staff

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