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Ukkadgaon Campus


We, at Dr. Chandrabhanu Sonvane Jr College, Ukkadgaon assure you about the future of young aspirants for the well-being of students. It is our dream project, that we wish to create an atmosphere unique of its kind in every aspect.

Our target at college level is unique one. We have developed our campus in the lap of nature, in the mountain ranges of “Balaghat”. Our country has a great tradition of ‘Gurukul Education System’ and we have decided to create same education system in the present era so that children would keep themselves away from spoiling their energy in the clutches of modern technology. We recognized that our young generation has become puppet in the hands of electronic gadgets. Parents are also extremely worried about this problem. They are helpless and are unable to tackle this problem.

We assure our all parents that you need not to worry about your children now. Our campus would be an ultimate solution to every parent’s educational problem of their children.

Founded in 2007

We planted the sapling of our institute in 2007 looking forward along. Under the guidance of the president  Mr.Prof. Sanjeev Chandrabhanu Sonvane, Secretary Prof. Avinash More, Late Treasurer Basveshwar Bhuse  now the plant grown in to a huge tree providing the fruits of number of successful stories of various competitive exams and shadow for thousands of employees.


Our motto is to make the children physically fit, mentally strong and technically sound. We provide good facilities of education, Hostel and Mess. Let your children experience the true culture of Education in the embracement of nature to stand themselves firm on their feet to accept every challenge.

Founders and Directors

College Staff

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